Microsoft Edge crashes when you watch YouTube videos in full screen

Some users on online forums have reported that Microsoft Edge freezes and crashes when watching a Youtube video in full screen. The issue appears to have primarily affected the stable version, Edge 90. Microsoft said it is investigating the issue and has released a fix for the potential cause for Canary. In the meantime, if you’re affected, here’s what you can do.

Certain Google services only work in the Chrome browser, Google Translate is an example. Some apps run smoothly on any Chromium browser.

To avoid compatibility issues, Microsoft switched to Chromium/Blink for Edge. Looks like everything is fine so far when it comes to Google properties.

But, Chromium-based Microsoft Edge is not perfect.

Microsoft Edge crashes when watching YouTube videos in full screen

After a recent update to Edge 90, users started complaining when watching a YouTube in full screen, it freezes and Edge sub-process consumes most resources and eventually Edge browser crashes.

Some users found that killing Edge process by consuming resources in Task Manager, makes the video work again.

reddit It’s filled with reports on the subject and a wire on the Edge tech community forum reveals Edge users spending the last few days with YouTube.

Microsoft sends a fix for Edge Canary

Microsoft says they ship a fixed fix for a potential cause for Edge Canary, so try it out for now.

Microsoft Edge Community Manager Missy Quarry provided these statements in one couple of Reddit topics.

“I have been working with the team to investigate similar reports of YouTube crashing the browser. There are a few situations around this so I would love to see if a recent fix we put in resolves any of you if you keep having any crashes or crashes.”

“We believe we have resolved a potential cause of this, and this is currently on our Canary channel. Not sure if it made it to our dev channel this week, if you’re still experiencing glitches, give our canary channel a chance,” Missy said.

If you don’t want to test Edge Canary bleed try the following steps

  • Try clearing cache
  • Disable hardware acceleration by visiting Settings > System > Toggle, “Use hardware acceleration when available” and restarting Edge.
  • Run the YouTube video in private mode to check if the extensions are not causing this
  • disable extensions
  • Update the Edge browser.
  • Update graphics card drivers
  • See if you’re using Edge Dev or beta or Canary or Chrome or other browsers like Firefox or Opera. help.

Are you affected? Let us know in the comments below.

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