Microsoft Edge gets Chrome extensions menu in Canary update

Microsoft has added the ‘Extensions Toolbar Menu’ feature in the Google Chrome browser to the new Microsoft Edge in the Canary version.

Recently, Google started rolling out a new extensions menu for the Chrome browser.

The puzzle piece icon in the browser toolbar, when clicked, lists all extensions and shows the data access extensions have on the current page.

As before, users can pin each extension to the toolbar.

The menu offers options to visit the extension’s page on the Chrome Web Store and allows you to remove the extension.

The feature has now been integrated and automatically enabled in Edge Canary 85.0.556.0.

Extensions menu in the new Microsoft Edge

The Extensions Menu available from the toolbar in the new Microsoft Edge

  • Arrange all extensions in the toolbar and list them in the drop-down menu.
  • The More Actions submenu in the Menu provides more granular control for each extension.
  • provides a link to navigate to the extension page on the Chrome Web Store/Microsoft Edge Add-ons Store
  • Allows you to remove Microsoft Edge extension without needing to visit edge://extensions page

As of now in Edge Canary there is no way to disable this like in Chrome as the related flag doesn’t exist on the edge://flags page, this might happen later.

UPDATE June 26, 2020: Microsoft pulled the extension icon with the following update in Canary.

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