Microsoft Edge gets Collapse tab groups and auto-creation features

Chrome’s two popular Tab Group features – Collapse Tab Groups and Auto Create Tab Groups – have arrived in the Microsoft Edge browser and are now available in the Canary version.

The new Microsoft Edge Chromium supports Chrome tab groups. The feature is not available by default. You need to enable a flag to group tabs.

Guide groups help in organizing guides on different subjects.

Google has made tab groups in Chrome expandable and collapsible. With the latter, your tab bar will take up less space and give you room to fit more tabs.

This is the reason why collapsible tab groups are so popular and appreciated by users. Edge users want this too.

The feature is now available on Edge Canary 89.0.722.0 along with another addition where Edge creates tab groups automatically like Chrome.

Enable Collapsible Tab Groups option in Microsoft Edge

  1. Launch the Edge browser
  2. Visit edge://flags
  3. Enable the following flags and restart the browser
  • guide groups
  • Collapse tab groups
    Tab groups automatically create and collapse Edge flags

Now for the most important part,

To collapse a group of tabs in Microsoft Edge

  1. If you haven’t already created your first tab group in Edge, right-click on a tab and select “Add this tab to new group”. Again, right-click on the second tab and select “Add a tab to the group”.
  2. Right click on the header icon, give it a name and select a specific color from Gray, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Pink, Purple and Cyan. Giving distinct names and colors makes it easier to identify groups later. That way you can create multiple groups.
  3. Now when you click on the Tab group label or icon they will collapse, when you click on the icon again they will expand to show the group tabs.

Collapse tab groups in action in Edge

To have Edge automatically create tab groups

  1. visit edge://flags page
  2. Enable the “Tab Groups” and “Auto Create Tab Groups” flags
  3. restart the browser

Here, you don’t need to group tabs as Edge will take care of that with the auto-create tab groups flag enabled.

To see automatic creation of tab groups in Edge

  1. open a website
  2. Right click on a link and select “open (link) in new tab” to notice Edge grouping tabs instantly. This is how the feature works in Edge and Chrome.

Automatic grouping of tabs in Edge

What’s your take on the new Edge Tab Group features? You like them? Let us know in the comments below.

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