Microsoft Edge gets several new PDF features

Microsoft continues its good work to make PDF Viewer/Reader in the new Microsoft edge better or equal to Edge Legacy. So far the company has brought most requested PDF features, now it is adding more like document properties, presentation mode, thumbnail previewand more.

Microsoft Edge PDF Reader

Microsoft Edge is easily one of the best web browser based PDF viewers.

In addition to the basic reading and navigation features, until now Edge had two-page view, read aloud, ink, cursor mode navigation, highlight mode, add text and comment options.

Edge PDF Reader also supports digital signature verification, smooth scrolling, the company is now trying to bring the following features with a future update to Edge.

Thumbnail preview mode

Edge supports browsing PDF documents with a Table of Contents. Now, with another new feature, Microsoft is making it easier to see which page it is.

When you click the TOC icon, a navigation pane appears on the left with a list view by default for the content. Clicking on the icon above starts a thumbnail preview for you to take a look at the content of each page.

Microsoft Edge PDF Thumbnail View

document properties

After Chrome, Edge has the ability to show the properties of the PDF document within it that you are viewing.

The information displayed by Edge under “Description” usually includes PDF file name, size, creation and modification date, and software used (Creator).

Edge PDF Viewer also shows advanced PDF properties like page count, page size, PDF producer name, PDF version number, etc.

document properties

You can check the details above for a PDF in Edge by clicking Settings and more icons in the toolbar > View document properties.

presentation mode

Chrome has FullScreen mode or presentation mode available for the built-in PDF Viewer.

Microsoft Edge has also received it, though available to some through controlled distribution at the moment.

What the feature does is clear all the menus, toolbars and navigation elements and show the PDF content only in full screen.
To insert PDF in full screen mode in Edge, click the two-way arrow icon in the toolbar.

Type PDF full screen button in Microsoft Edge

Hide all annotations

Any annotations or text comments added to the PDF can now be hidden. All you need to do is click on the Settings icon on the toolbar and select “Hide all annotations

Note: Some of the PDF features are still being tested in Canary/Dev or in deployment and are not available to all users. Expect these features to come to the public with a future Edge update.

Final words: Microsoft is making Edge PDF Viewer more useful with full screen mode for presentations, thumbnail view for easier navigation, and giving the ability to display document properties and hide all annotations.

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