Microsoft Edge Insider creates submission of browser usage information and websites visited to Microsoft

Here’s something you might not be aware of if you’re an Edge member. By downloading and installing the built-in builds of Microsoft Edge, you agree to send information about your browser usage and the websites you visit to Microsoft, yes! That’s true, unless you uncheck the “Help Microsoft make products better…” option before clicking the “Accept and Download” button, read on for more details.

So far, Microsoft Edge builds are available for Windows 10 and macOS. when you visit Microsoft Edge home page and you try to download the Dev or Canary version for the Edge browser, you will notice an option in the download dialog at the bottom preselected saying that you are agreeing to help Microsoft improve their products by sending information “about how you use browser and websites you visit”.

The learn more link points to the Edge Insider download page and the Privacy Statement in the download dialog that takes you to This page, that does not disclose what information Edge collects and how you can choose not to share that information. But let’s tell you how you can if you downloaded Edge with the option checked.

Prevent Edge Chromium from sending browser usage information and websites visited to Microsoft

1. Click on the Edge > Settings menu

2. Privacy and Services, disable these settings

  • “Send data about how you use the browser”
  • “Send information about websites you visit to Microsoft”

Privacy Settings and Edge Services

The crash reporting setting is linked to Windows 10 diagnostics and feedback, if you set it to Full, change it to “Basic”, that’s it. Next time when you download any build of Microsoft Edge, make sure you uncheck the option to send information and click the download button.

Edge follows Chrome, but Google provides clear instructions to disable

We know this was inspired by the Chrome browser, Chrome shows a similar dialog when you download and asks “Help make Chrome better by sending usage statistics and crash reports” with the Learn More link pointing to how automatically start or stop reporting errors and crashes for Google.

Chrome Download Dialog

The help page clearly states that you need to disable the “Automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to Google” setting in Privacy & Security for that.

Here, when coming to Edge Chromium, transparency or similar information was not provided through the learn more link for users,

Tip: Old Edge also sends browser history too Microsoft, you can avoid this by turning off page prediction and having Cortana help me in Edge settings.

What do you say about it? Do you take it lightly?

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