Microsoft Edge launches Outlook Smart Tile for NTP to view and send emails

A few months ago, Microsoft announced that it will allow Edge users to check recent Outlook emails and compose a new message on the new tab page itself. The feature is now being rolled out to Edge. We have successfully enabled smart block per in the new tab in all versions of Edge including Production, beta, dev and Canary, see how you can do this too.

Microsoft he said the new feature will allow users to view the latest emails in their Outlook inbox from the new tab.

Edge shows three recent messages and lets you send a new email and add an event to Calendar.

Outlook opens to compose a new email and add an event to calendar pages in new tabs by clicking “New email” and new event” options in the block.

The Outlook hover icon also shows when it has displayed the most recent information.

Even when you sign in to your Microsoft account in Edge and sync things between devices, you still need to sign in to the same Microsoft account you use for Outlook to see recent emails on the New Tab page.

Enable Outlook Smart Tile in Edge New Tab Page

  1. Open new tab page in Edge browser
  2. Click the + icon under Quick Links
  3. Select Outlook suggestion at the bottom
    select Outlook suggestion under New tile
  4. Use the scroll bar to scroll down and click Enable button.
    Click on the Activate button

Note: If your NTP already has an Outlook icon, hover over it, scroll to the bottom and click Sign in to Microsoft account and click the Activate button.

The feature was supposed to be available to all Edge users with version 88, better late than never, now it’s coming to Edge anyway.

What’s your take on Microsoft adding the ability to view and open new tab page emails in Edge? Let us know in the comments below. [Via Leo]

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