Microsoft Edge Legacy Successes with PDF Issues

Microsoft Edge Legacy is not dead yet, although the new Microsoft Edge has been released to Windows 10 users via Windows Update. There is one more reason to ditch the old Edge as it has a lot of PDF handling issues. Microsoft confirmed the PDF issues in Edge Legacy, provided some workarounds and also suggests users to use the new Edge to avoid issues.

PDF Handling Issues in Microsoft Edge Legacy

1.Firstly, Edge Legacy cannot open a PDF file saying “This PDF is corrupt”.

This error occurs when

  • a file sent as a PDF from the server has HTML content
  • you open an incompletely downloaded PDF file

2. The PDF is empty: You will see the message “Nothing to see here Oops! this PDF appears to be empty” when a PDF file with no content is served by a Host.

3. AES256 encrypted PDFs will not open with Edge Legacy. Microsoft recommends using the new Edge to open these PDF files.

4. PDFs opened from USB disks/external devices do not open in Edge Legacy. This is a known issue, you should also use the new Edge in these cases.

Yes! Ede Legacy is the best PDF viewer that Microsoft has produced so far, but Microsoft has already ported most of the PDF features such as two-page view, digital signatures, read aloud, smooth scrolling, text comments, table of contents, and much more for the new Edge.

What PDF feature do you think the new Edge lacks when compared to the old Edge? Let us know in the comments below.

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