Microsoft Edge Lets You Disable Tab Hover Card Images Forever

Remember tab previews in Classic Edge? They are available in the new Microsoft Edge Chromium as “Card images on hover“. New Edge lets you disable them via a new setting if you find them intrusive when navigating between tabs.

When you have many tabs open, you can quickly preview the contents of a tab without switching to it by hovering over it. The feature available in Edge Legacy has arrived in the new Microsoft Edge and Chrome browsers.

Google Chrome initially implemented the feature as tab cards to show domain name and tab title on hover. Chrome used to display the information in a tooltip.

The feature has been replaced (and expanded) with the addition of a page thumbnail.

Disable or Enable Floating Tab Card Images in New Microsoft Edge

Tab previews are enabled by default in pre-release versions of Edge and Chrome.

Microsoft Edge lets you control the display of Tab Hover Card images through an option in Appearance Settings.

  1. Make sure you are using Edge 92 or later, under Dev and Canary click on Settings and more icon
  2. Select Definitions > Appearance > customize toolbar
  3. alternation show tab preview on hover switch to enable or disable.
    Show tab preview in Microsoft Edge focus setting

Whether it’s the extensions button or the vertical tabs, Microsoft is good at offering options for controlling features in the Edge browser.

Edge lets you hide the title bar on vertical tabs or disable the feature completely through toggles in the appearance settings.

You can tidy up and remove clutter from the Edge toolbar, check the customization toolbar settings under Appearance for the same.

Now, let us know if you fell in love with Edge Tab Preview or not on Chromium.

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