Microsoft Edge now allows to hide Feedback button, new version dev available

If you don’t want the feedback smiley button on the toolbar that allows you to send feedback to the Edge team, you can now hide it, the latest version of Edge Canary offers an option for that in Settings.

Microsoft released a new development build for Chromium Edge and is available via update and for manual download from the Microsoft Edge homepage. The company has added the following new features.

1. Like Chrome, the updated Edge now warns “users when they install an extension that has the ability to change their search provider, homepage, or new tab page”.

2. Edge has improved “messaging and reporting capabilities” to alert users when they visit unsafe websites.

3. Added a new button to the profile layout to configure synchronization.

The information you provide to the Edge team through the Send Feedback dialog box by clicking the smiley button on the toolbar helps Microsoft improve your browser and fix reported issues. Microsoft has got the request from users to “provide an option to remove the “smiley” feedback button from the toolbar”.

The company says it’s “under review”, but Microsoft has already offered an option in the Appearance section of Settings for that.

To hide or show the comments button on the toolbar in the new Microsoft Edge browser

1. Launch Edge Canary or later

2. Click the ellipsis icon and select Settings

3. Click Appearance and turn off “Show Feedback Button”

show feedback button toggle in Edge Canary appearance settings

Note: The latest Edge Canary update disabled the above setting by default.

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