Microsoft Edge Now Lets You Track Windows InPrivate You’ve Opened

In addition to adding the label “InPrivate” next to the icon on the toolbar in private browsing mode, the Chromium Edge browser now shows you how many windows you have opened in the window counter menu and gives you an option to close all of them easily.

The Chromium-based Microsoft Edge in Canary implemented a feature similar to the incognito window counter in the Chrome browser. To make it easier for users to identify incognito window and normal window when dark mode was enabled, Chromium team added “Incognito” text to toolbar, window counter was also added later. Be aware that Chrome’s dark mode UI is designed around the incognito theme.

Now Microsoft has also done this with InPrivate Window in the latest version of Canary for Edge which supports dark mode in Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7.

To identify the change immediately,

  1. Open the latest Microsoft Edge Canary
  2. Click on the ellipsis menu and select “New InPrivate Window”, similarly open another private window
  3. Now you can notice the InPrivate text next to the icon in the toolbar, which when clicked shows the number of windows you have opened and offers the “Close Private Windows” button.

You can set Edge theme to dark by choosing the same option available for Theme in Appearance Settings, you can also enable Dark mode in Windows 10 by setting “Choose default app mode” to “Dark” under “Colors” under Personalization, Edge honors this and instantly changes the browser theme to dark.

What is your opinion about this improvement?

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