Microsoft Edge on Android gets a screenshot feature, here’s how to use it

Microsoft recently released Dev and Canary versions for Edge on Android. Thanks to the new unified codebase, Edge now pulls features and changes from Chrome on Android. In this part, it has a screen capture feature. It is actually a screenshot editor but the editing part is not working at the moment.

A few days ago we covered Chrome on Android which natively has the ability to take long screenshots. While it’s a little early to expect this feature to appear in a development version of Edge, you can take screenshots of web pages for sure, from now on.

You don’t need to enable any flags. The option is available by default in the Canary version.

If you are already familiar with taking screenshots in Chrome on Android, this is a pretty simple process. Here’s how you can get started.

Taking Screenshots in Microsoft Edge on Android

  1. Make sure you are using Edge Canary for Android 92.0.880.0, while you are on the current page
  2. tap on To share icon at bottom
  3. In the share sheet, select Print Screen,
  4. The edge provides To edit, Delete, save  and To share options
  5. As we said above, the Edit option is not enabled at the moment, you can choose options to save the screenshot to your device or share the image through available apps in the share menu.

Note: When proceeding to save the image, Edge asks for your permission to access the storage on your device to download files, please allow.

If you use Edge Canary version on Android and Windows 10, here is some good news for you.

If you are signed in with the same Microsoft account on the devices mentioned above with sync enabled, Edge now allows you to share pages across devices.

Some users have this implemented, make sure you have the “send pages to your devices” option present in the context menu on desktop and in the Share menu on Android.

What is your opinion about Edge for Android? Let us know in the comments below.

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