Microsoft Edge will offer an option to disable colored title bars for PWAs

If you install a Progressive Web App (PWA) or ‘site as an app’ in the Microsoft Edge browser, Edge automatically themes the app’s title bar with the site’s color. If you don’t want to see colored title bars for PWAs, you can turn them off soon. Microsoft is currently testing the “Toggle Theme Color” option in the web app settings and it is already showing up for any users on Edge Canary and dev versions.

To see the colored title bars for web apps in action,

  1. Launch the new Edge browser
  2. Visit any website like Outlook or YouTube
  3. Click the ellipsis icon > Applications > Install this site as an application
  4. Click Install

The application opens in a separate window. Edge detects the site’s theme color based on Favicon and applies it to the title bar. This happens with every website or PWA you install in the Edge browser. And the new Edge so far doesn’t offer any option to remove the site color from the title bar.

Microsoft Edge Canary and Dev versions now display an option to disable colored title bars for PWAs, here’s how you can use it, when available.

  1. Launch the Edge app
  2. Click Settings and more
  3. Select “Toggle Theme Color”

    Toggle theme color option in Edge app settings

The option is currently only appearing for a few sites, expect Microsoft to expand its visibility to more PWAs in the near future. As of now, the feature is not available to all users, yes! may be due to controlled release.

Do you like the colorful title bars that Edge shows for web apps? Let us know in the comments below.

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