Microsoft Edge’s InPrivate Mode gets a dark theme, here’s how to enable it

In addition to light and dark themes, Microsoft Edge allows you to customize the browser with 14 other built-in themes. You can also change the appearance of Edge by getting themes from the Edge Add-ons Store. Edge’s new InPrivate browsing mode is not completely dark unless you enable dark mode on Windows or Mac. The menus still appear blank when you visit the page. That to change, after Chrome.

InPrivate Browsing Mode in New Microsoft Edge Chromium

Like many popular browsers. Microsoft Edge allows browsing in Private mode.

InPrivate Mode is not incognito browsing, but it clears your browsing history, cookies, passwords and other data when you close all InPrivate windows.

However, the Collections, bookmarks and downloads created will be kept.
InPrivate Mode page in Microsoft Edge

Just like Chrome’s incognito mode, websites still track you in Edge’s InPrivate mode. You can avoid this by enabling the strict tracking protection available.

Edge lets you search in InPrivate mode with Bing with a dedicated search box.

Edge ensures that information that identifies you will be removed when you submit a search query through Bing InPrivate Search.

We recently reported that Google Chrome has added true dark mode to InCognito mode behind a flag.

The new feature is now available in Edge as an experimental feature as well.

Enable Dark Theme for InPrivate Mode in Microsoft Edge

Make sure you are using the latest version of Edge Canary 92 0r later on Mac, Windows and Linux

  1. Visit edge://flags/#inherit-native-theme-from-parent-widget
    Edge private mode dark theme enable flag
  2. Select Able and restart the browser.
  3. click in Settings and more
  4. Select” New InPrivate window

Click on the three dots icon and right-click on the page to notice that the menus appear dark.

“When enabled, secondary UI such as menu, dialog, etc. would open in dark mode when InPrivate mode is open,” reads the description of the flag “Allow widgets to inherit their widget’s native theme dad”.

You can see the difference between Edge InPrivate browsing mode before and after applying the change in the screenshots above.

Bonus Tip:

In case you didn’t know, similar to Chrome, Microsoft Edge allows you to create a desktop shortcut for InPrivate Mode.

This requires you to enable the “Enable InPrivate Desktop Shortcut” flag and restart your Edge browser.

After that, you need to open a new InPrivate window and select an option from the InPrivate menu icon on the toolbar.

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