Microsoft Enables the Translation Feature by Default in Edge Chromium Canary

Until now, the translation feature for built-in builds of Microsoft Edge is behind a flag and you have to manually enable it to translate pages in Edge browser, which is no longer needed in the latest version of Edge Canary build . The flag was turned on by default and now if you visit any foreign language pages in the new Edge you will be asked to Translate the page to the language you have set to display Edge in Settings.

Also, the “Offer to translate pages that are not in a language you read” setting is enabled by default in Settings. You can disable it if you don’t want to see translation prompts.

Translate dialog in Edge Chromium Canary

If you are using Edge dev and don’t want to switch to Canary for this feature

  1. Visit edge://flags/#edge-translate
  2. Select Enabled and restart the browser.

We are impressed by the animation of the translate icon when a page is translated as it shows the message ‘translating’, we think the Translate feature is crucial or important for Edge to compete with Google Chrome which comes with Google’s translation feature integrated to translate the pages, what do you say?

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