Microsoft makes Edge IE Mode an enterprise-only feature

The Internet Explorer mode currently available in Microsoft Edge dev and Canary versions is for companies only, not end users as Microsoft has confirmed to us that the menu entry in the Tools menu to show page in Internet Explorer exists before for debugging purposes internal and said it removed after releasing IE mode for businesses. FYI, this option no longer appears in Edge Preview builds if you set the “Enable IE Integration” flag to “IE mode”.

Microsoft announced IE mode in Build 2019 to offer a single browser that opens modern websites and legacy apps, while Edge based Chromium uses Blink engine, Edge will open legacy websites in the list of corporate websites configured by IT admin in mode IE doc. requires Internet Explorer 11 to be present on the system to function.

During testing phase IE mode worked on Windows 10 internal builds, later when it hit Canary and Dev builds it worked for us partially on Canary and fully on Dev build but once Microsoft announced the next version of Edge with features like IE mode is available for enterprise trial, the option “Show this page using Internet Explorer” in the More Tools menu stopped appearing and disappeared.

When we contacted the Microsoft Edge team about this on twitter, we got the response from PM Syan Lyndersay from Edge that we have been waiting for: “the menu entry is there for internal debugging purposes”

Lyndersay said that he removed the option (“Show this page using Internet Explorer”) after the formal launch of IE Mode, and highlights that “IE Mode is an enterprise-only feature. Only the admin controls whether a site ends up in IE mode or not.”

Expect the IE mode flag to disappear soon from new Edge preview builds. What do you say about it? Do you want IE mode?

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