Microsoft publishes AV1 Video Codec for Windows 10, available in the Store for download

Microsoft has released an initial beta version of AV1 video extension for Windows 10 and is available from the Microsoft Store for download. With Chrome 70 and Vivaldi 2.1 they already support the AV1 codec format and you can enable support for the same on YouTube as well. By installing AV1 video app, you can play AV1 videos downloaded from the app smoothly like Movie & TV on your computer.

AV1 Video Extension (beta)

As the extension is at an early stage, Microsoft warns that you may experience performance issues when playing AV1 videos. The company says it is improving and recommends that users let apps update themselves automatically so users can benefit from the latest updates. At the moment, unless you have several AV1 transcoded videos available on your computer, installing the application is useless.

After installing AV1 video extension, to test it we downloaded an AV1 video and it played perfectly in Movie & TV app on Windows 10 1809, no you don’t need to be an insider or use an insider build to install this app , but you need to be signed in to your Microsoft account to download the app from the Store. [Via MSPU & Softpedia]

Watch AV1 Videos in Chrome

If you are using the latest Chrome, visit and enable AV1 support, then visit this AV1 Beta release playlist page and start playing some clips, while a clip is playing, check the geek stats to know if the videos are playing with AV1 codec no. Read How to play AV1 videos on YouTube on Chrome 70, Firefox, Vivaldi, Opera.

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