Microsoft pulls latest Edge Dev update due to crash issue

The Microsoft Edge Insider Dev that updates weekly has received a good number of new features, improvements and bug fixes and has increased the build number to But the company withdrew the update after it was reported to be faulty and not stable, the affected version of Edge dev only ran in admin mode. The Microsoft Edge team stopped updating current dev users at version You will receive the update once the issues are fixed.

Microsoft Edge changelog dev

We recently reported, Edge Canary has dark mode and translation features enabled by default, the latest version of Edge Dev 76.0.

  1. The translation feature is now active and available to all users without the need to enable the Edge Translate flag.
  2. Dark mode is available, you need to visit Windows 10 OS settings and change app mode setting to see your Edge dimming
  3. Keyword search for address bar is available and enabled, when you enter a keyword for a search engine you will be told that you can press tab to use that search engine. For example typing g for Google search will show “press tab to search Google”, typing B tells you that Bing Search can be used by pressing tab.
  4. Added “Close Microsoft Edge” option to the menu to close all Edge and Windows browser tabs and exit the browser.
  5. Edge’s (Legacy Chrome) task manager, which shows running processes when you press Esc, has improved dark theme support and looks better than Chrome’s Task Manager.

You can see other fixes and changes on here.

As we said at the beginning of the article, the new build is no longer available, it was withdrawn after issues reported by users that they cannot launch Edgethe after the update and some said they can when they run it in admin mode.

The company confirmed problems with compilation and asks users to

  • Uninstall affected Edge and reinstall dev version from Microsoft Edge Insider homepage to revert back to version
  • Wait another 24 hours to receive the fix that will be automatically applied to your Edge browser without you having to take any action.

Edge Canary on unaffected and working fine.

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