Microsoft Releases African Safari, Smiling Creatures, and Pi Themes for Windows 10

Microsoft has released three new themes – An African Safari, Smiling Creatures and Pi day – for Windows 10 and they are available from the Microsoft Store for download. These themes only contain wallpapers, and after installing them, you can apply your desired wallpaper pack to your system by visiting Personalization Settings in Windows 10.

An African Safari theme

african safari Windows 10 theme contains 20 African animal images, you’ll feel like you’ve seen these wallpapers before, not on your desktop! But definitely on television on Animal Planet or National Geographic for sure.

Microsoft offers this description for the wallpaper pack: “Cheetah cubs in Savannah, a giraffe in a misty forest and a zebra outlined by the Serengeti sunset. These are just some of the magnificent animals featured in this set of 20 images.”

Smiling creatures theme

Smiling Creatures wallpaper pack contains 16 photos. The smiling frog definitely catches your eye and you might want to see it on your desktop as a wallpaper.

“Need a smile? It’s 16! Smiles grace the faces of these 16 adorable animals, fish and a happy grasshopper, free for Windows 10 themes”

Smiling Creatures Theme for Windows 10

Pi day theme

On the eve of Pi Day on March 14, 2019, Microsoft released Pi day theme. What is Pi? A constant, which you may have come across in your math studies, is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its radius, its value is 3.14 (22/7).

Pi Day Theme for Windows 10

The theme that contains 8 images, recalls Pi offers this description in the Store “How will you celebrate the elegance of the mathematical constant p(pi)? It’s approximate, irrational and circular, … or you can just eat a pie on March 14th. Do the math:”

To install themes from Microsoft Store, your device must be using Windows 10 Creators Update or higher, these themes are not an exception to this condition. Please note that these are wallpaper packs that contain only images, no sound and customization included.

After installing any of the above, visit Personalization > Settings > Themes and select a theme to apply to your device.

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Want to access the wallpapers of the themes installed on your computer, read Where were the Windows 10 themes photos taken?

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