Microsoft Talks About Releases of Controlled Features in the Edge Browser

Microsoft reveals how they push new features to the internal builds of Microsoft Edge Canary and Dev. Chromium-based Microsoft Edge is currently available through the Insider program, and its preview builds are currently available in both Canary and beta builds. The Canary channel receives updates daily, while the Dev channel receives new features, improvements, and fixes once a week.

Even though you’re already an Insider and you’re running the Canary version of Edge that, at the limit, you still might not get the new features that the Edge team makes them available to a small number of users running Canary and the dev version, the Microsoft calls the process of submitting new features as “Controlled Feature Rollouts”.

“To honor our commitment to building a great browser, we test our feature changes for any regressions, gradually rolling out the feature to a small subset of randomly selected canary and dev channels, and then increasing that subset as we become more confident about it. the feature,” says Microsoft in edge forum.

“These controlled resource releases begin after the completion of quality, reliability and standard compliance testing that determines the resource is at ship quality.”

If the new feature is not available to you by default, Microsoft suggests visiting the edge://flags page and enabling the feature and restarting your browser to test it.

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