Mozilla adds five more extensions to Firefox Preview Nightly

Mozilla recently brought limited extension support to Firefox Preview for Android with UBlock Origin, the company is now gearing up to bring five more recommended extensions to Fenix ​​over the next two weeks in April. The extensions are already available in the latest Nightly version of Fenix, you can grab the update from the Play Store to install them. Firefox Preview for Android internally codenamed Fenix ​​is ​​expected to replace Firefox for Android codenamed Fennec later this year.

Philipp Kewish from Mozilla announced the news on the Add-ons blog and gave a brief summary about these extensions:

Dark Reader, HTTPS Everywhere, NoScript, Privacy Badger and Image Search. With these five extensions, the total number of extensions that will be available for Firefox Preview will become six with UBlock Origin.

Even Mozilla offers a dark theme in Fenix ​​App, you can install Dark Reader Extension to get even better “Eye Pleasing Dark Mode”. Mozilla promises to bring more recommended extensions in the future to Firefox for Android, meanwhile, Mozilla it’s us, Fenixyet website says that 80% of Firefox beta users have already migrated to Fenix.

To see Firefox Fenix ​​with new extensions in action.

  1. Download and install Firefox Preview Nightly for Developers at Game store
  2. Launch it, tap menu icon > Settings > Advanced > Add-ons
  3. Tap the + button for each extension to be installed.

In other news related to Firefox Preview, the night version allows us to disable taking screenshots in private browsing mode, to do this go to Settings> Privacy & Security> Private Browsing, disable Allow screenshots in private browsing.

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