Mozilla Adds Kiosk Mode Support to Firefox

Google Chrome does support Kiosk mode, however an extension or two are available on AMO, Firefox browser doesn’t support the feature natively so far, finally Mozilla added much-wanted kiosk support for the Firefox browser on Nightly (Firefox 71) and the browser can now be launched in fullscreen mode using a command line switch.

What is kiosk mode?

Kiosk mode is a feature of Windows OS that allows only one application to run, it can be called “real full screen mode” where navigation bar, context menu, status and menu bars will be disabled and keyboard access will be limited and the F11 button does not work and you cannot access other apps or desktop in Windows.

Since you usually see the x button when hovering in full screen mode, this button also doesn’t appear, making it difficult to exit Kiosk mode.

It took Mozilla 17 years to implement the feature in its browser when a request to add the kiosk mode bug was submitted in 2002. The first phase of Kiosk implementation was done in Firefox similar to Chrome, Mozilla it says in the second phase they will add Firefox specific features.

Here’s How to Run Firefox in Kiosk Mode

  1. Make sure you are using the latest Firefox 71 Nightly
  2. Right click your desktop shortcut and create another shortcut and name it Firefox Kiosk, or whatever you like, or create another profile.
  3. Now right-click on the shortcut, select Properties, in the target field, add “--kiosk” without quotes at the end and click apply.

Note: You can even specify Firefox to run a certain website in Kiosk mode, for that you must add --kiosk "

add kiosk command line in firefox target field

Now launch Firefox and try kiosk mode.

Note: When the --kiosk -printing command line parameter is used, printing happens immediately.

As the F11 button doesn’t work, you need to use the Alt+F4 button to close the current tab or window.

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