Mozilla chooses ‘The Fox, only Better’ as the best complement to the Australis interface

Mozilla held a contest for add-on developers between March 11 and April 2014 to create add-ons for the new look of Firefox (australis)and the contest consisted of three categories: Best General Add-on, Best Bookmark Add-on and Best Complete Theme, and today’s results for ‘Add-ons for the Australis contest’ are out. A panel of judges chose one winner and two runners-up from each category.

Mozilla Announces Best Firefox Add-ons for Australis

The Beast Overall add-on, which makes use of Australis features, is The Fox, Only Better (link). Classic Theme Restorer (link) and Profile won second and third place.

Best Bookmark add-on, ‘an innovative favorites add-on that works well with the Australis’ theme is Speed ​​Mark. power sidebar and About: are the remaining winning add-ons.

Best Complete Theme, ‘a complete theme that more creatively changes the look of Australis’, is Noia Fox. MX3 and Nut for Firefox obtained 2nd and 3rd places.

Which add-on did you like the most? Are you already using one? Which is? Share with us in the comments.

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