Mozilla Firefox 67 will not allow extensions to run on private Windows by default

A month ago we reported that Mozilla is working to not allow extensions to run in private browsing by default in Firefox browser, users have to manually give extensions permission for that, well, the change has come to Nightly and Firefox has started to show notification about changes to extensions in addon manager as well as private browsing.

Firefox 67 brings changes to private browsing extensions

Today, if you visit the Extensions in Add-ons Manager in Firefox Nightly, you’ll notice a message about the change: “Nightly is changing how extensions work in Private Browsing. Any new extensions you add to Nightly will not run by default in Private Windows. Unless you allow it in Settings, the extension will not work during private browsing and will not have access to your online activities. We did this to keep your private browsing private”

The message itself tells you that any new extensions will not be allowed in PB, but the extensions you installed before will be allowed, it seems to be the case.

Give permission when installing extensions

If you now install an AMO extension, a notification will be shown with a checkbox for “Allow this extension to run in private windows”, make sure the extension also works in private browsing.

checkbox allow extension to run in private windows

If you quickly clicked OK, you can make the change by going to the extensions settings in the Add-on Manager.

To allow or disallow extensions in private windows in Firefox

1. Click on the hamburger menu,

2. Select Add-ons > Extensions,

3. Click on the description of an extension, choose the “Allow” setting for the extension to run on PB, the default is ‘Do not allow’

Allow disallow settings for extension

Enable all extensions in Private Browsing

If you want all extensions to be enabled in PB, toggle the preference value below to true and the Allow and Disallow settings for extension will disappear as a result.


Another notification about the change:

When you open a Private window, Firefox will show a notification informing you about the changes made to extensions in Private Browsing and offer the “Manage Extensions” button to navigate to the Extensions section in the add-on manager to review the extensions you have installed and you can allow necessary and reliable such as adblocker or security related extensions can spy on you private browsing, this change is straight from the case of Mozilla in Firefox.

msg extensions changes in private window

By the way, the Firefox team is ready extensions in the private browsing help page for users.

What is your opinion on this?

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