Mozilla Launches Firefox Monitor Notifications for Firefox Users

Mozilla on November 14, 2018 released Firefox Monitor in 26 languages ​​and introduced breach alert service notifications for desktop Firefox users.

For the uninitiated, Mozilla recently launched the Firefox Monitor online service. The service uses I was Pwned site to let people know whether the email they typed has been tampered with or not. If you’re new to this, visit Firefox Monitor website and enter your email address to see if it has been compromised in a recent data breach, and you can even sign up for the service that will send you an email alert if your accounts show up in new website breaches.

Firefox Monitor notifications in Firefox browser

Mozilla has he said The Firefox browser will now show desktop users a notification when they visit a website that has recently been breached. The company confirms that the feature will roll out gradually to all Firefox users in the coming weeks. Firefox manufacturer confirms “This alert will appear at most once per site and only for data breaches reported in the previous twelve months.”

If you don’t want to see Firefox Monitor Notifications on any website, an option – ‘never show Firefox Monitor alerts’ – will be provided in the drop-down arrow inside Notification, which you need to choose to disable tampering alerts.

How do you see Firefox showing Firefox Monitor notifications to you in the first place without your permission?

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