Mozilla Removes Firefox Add-on Collector Extension

We all know that we can customize the Firefox browser with add-ons available on the Mozilla add-ons website, offers AMO add-on collection that lets you create your favorite add-on bundle and share it with your friends via email with a link provided by AMO, two years ago Mozilla introduced the Add-on Collector Firefox extension that turns collections into subscriptions in your browser and notifies you when any new add-ons are published to one of your collections. Mozilla decided today to discontinue this add-on as they can use their time for other projects.

Reasons to retire the add-on collector

Although this add-on is only used by a few hundred users, this is not really the cause for discontinuing support. To support the collector in the future, Mozilla had to spend more time to add each feature and rewrite all APIs in a new language to keep the add-on working, as the Bandwagon API used by the add-on collector resides in the older version of site that will soon retire.

“The good news is that most features (and many additional ones!) are already available on the add-ons site. If you have Collector installed, you will soon see a button in the Add-ons Manager that will take you to them on the Add-ons website, where you can continue creating and managing collections” Mozilla it says on your add-ons blog.

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