Mozilla removes ‘Never check for updates’ option

As of Firefox 63, you can no longer disable automatic updates in the Firefox browser, the ‘Never check for updates’ option has been removed by Mozilla from about:preferences.

The Firefox browser by default has been set to install updates automatically, but most of the time, users when they know that a new version of Firefox is available, they manually check for updates and install the new version.

Firefox 63: Never check for updates has been removed

If you are a Firefox user, you have disabled browser updates by selecting the ‘Never check for updates’ option in the General section of Preferences, let me just say that the option will not be available from Firefox 63 onwards as Mozilla saw no value in exposing this option to users and the company felt that there is a chance that users will enable it and forget about it later.

The Firefox team suggests using the policy engine to disable updates in your browser if necessary. And Here’s What Firefox’s Latest Update Options Look Like

If you click on the menu icon, choose Options > General and scroll down to Firefox Updates, you may notice that ‘Install updates automatically’ is still the default and recommended option

The ‘Check for updates but let you choose to install them’ option still exists, choosing this gives you control over which updates you want to install on your Firefox browser. The Never Check for updates option is not available.

BTW, here is the current screenshot of Firefox Update settings

Firefox current update settings

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So what’s your take on this development? What is the reason if you used this option to disable updates in Firefox browser? Don’t you know that Firefox updates contain fixes for security issues? How are you going to stop Firefox from automatically updating from version 63? Let us know in the comments below.

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