Mozilla will ship simplified stub installer for Windows

Firefox is usually available as a small installer on its download page. Mozilla has redesigned the sketch installer for Firefox and will be available with Firefox 55. The new installer, unlike previous versions, does not offer installation options such as changing the destination directory, if the user wants these options, he must download the installer offline by visiting this link.

Offline Installer Links for Firefox Nightly, Aurora, Beta and Release Channels

Firefox 55 Stub Installer without advanced installation options

When downloading the necessary files from Mozilla’s servers, the new Firefox installer displays the following message on the screen.

Fast and responsive online experiences.

Compatibility with more of your favorite websites.

Built-in privacy tools for safer browsing.

This is the text you see in the release notes for this change.

“The Windows stub installer is now streamlined for a simpler installation. Users who need advanced installation options should use full installers.”

What is your opinion about this improvement? Will you use the stub or the full Firefox installer? Let us know in the comments.

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