Mute tabs in one click with the tab mute extension

As we said the flag – Tab Audio Muting UI Control – which helps to mute individual tabs with one click was removed in Chrome 71, if you are looking for an alternative then look no further, we found the Tab Muter extension which almost replicates the same behavior , except, you need to click its icon in the toolbar than the speaker icon in the tab to mute a tab.

Tab Audio Muting UI in Chrome

To tell you the truth, Chrome never took control of the Tab Muting UI by default, as Google said it should police content if it provides that as a feature. The company cited maintenance, security and others as reasons for removing the flag, Chrome developer responsible for creating and removing the experimental feature, now suggesting that users use extensions for it.

Now, to mute individual tabs in Chrome, you need to right-click on the tab that is making noise and select the ‘Mute Website’ option, yes! Muting tabs is an old thing and mute website is the new feature the Chromium team introduced with Chrome version 64.

Chrome 64: How to mute and unmute websites

Tab Muter Extension

Now a developer has come up with an extension saying that Chrome developers removed the flag in favor of mute site and he developed this extension for users, who are looking to mute tabs as before with the flag enabled.

The extension developer says that the plugin button is in a different location (on the toolbar) due to Chrome API limitations, except for this part, Tab Muter works just like the old Mute tab feature and it is ok, we tested it and it’s working fine.

The extension is available on the Chrome Web Store on here.

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