New Microsoft Edge lets you use alternate shortcut Ctrl+K to duplicate tabs

Legacy Edge offers the Duplicate option in the tab context menu to open the same tab but does not provide a keyboard shortcut for the same, while the new Chromium-based Edge offers the Ctrl+Shift+K shortcut to duplicate a tab. Microsoft lets you reopen the same tab with another Ctrl+K shortcut in the new Edge in Canary and dev builds if you enable a flag.

As of now, in the new Edge, shortcuts Ctrl+K and Ctrl+E are used to focus the search filed in the address bar, if you enable an experimental feature that is available in Edge Canary and Dev builds, you can use Ctrl+K to duplicate a tab, here’s how you can achieve that.

Assign alternate tab shortcut Ctrl+K to duplicate tabs in new Microsoft Edge browser

1. Launch Microsoft Edge Canary/Dev

2. Visit edge://flags/#edge-use-alternate-duplicate-tab-shortcut

Edge uses alternate duplicate tab shortcut flag

3. Select Enabled and restart the browser.

Please note that the flag has been around for some time and is not new, but as Edge Developer Ericlaw he said This saves muscle memory for users coming from old Edge and new Edge users have one less keystroke to press. If you duplicate tabs more often in the new Edge, you might find the shortcut useful.

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