New Norton Security to replace all nine Norton products

Norton has simplified its security product portfolio from nine to one, and its only flagship product will be Norton Security, which is currently in beta and scheduled to be released in September. NS will be available with and without cloud backup and working with all current Norton products. With this change, Symantec is retiring its popular products such as Norton Antivirus, Norton Internet Security, and Norton 360.

How to disable pop-ups displayed by Download Intelligence in Norton Security

“With its improved look and feel and cloud-based management, Norton Security will feel much more like a service and less like the software you used to ‘set it and forget it’. And because Norton Security is cloud-based, it will be simple to add and manage new devices through your personal Norton account – just like you do with Netflix and iTunes.” Symantec employee Fran Rosch he said on the Norton Protection blog.

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