New version of Avast Secure browser promises to save memory and extend battery life

Avast Software has released a major update for the Chromium-based Avast Secure browser and version 75.1.1528.101 is now available for download with new features and improvements. Avast Secure Browser now automatically suspends inactive tabs by default, Avast claimsdoing this the browser uses 50% less memory and CPU.

The company has also introduced a feature to extend the battery life of laptops when using the browser and the security vendor claims that the laptop battery can be extended by 20% because of this. Avast names this release “Zermatt”, which is also the name of the Swiss mountain town.

Coming to new features, the Avast Secure browser with the new “Performance Manager” section in Advanced Settings has the “Optimize RAM and CPU” setting enabled by default. With the active setting, the browser suspends the tabs that haven’t been active for 10 minutes, you can change that and also disable the feature in the settings.

Firefox recently implemented automatic tab discard, but disabled it in version 68, after receiving reports of Firefox tab discharging, although there is a lot of free memory available.

The new battery life extension feature setting may only appear on the laptop. FY, this is not the first browser to extend battery life, Opera already offers a battery saver feature.

The Hack Check feature that the Avast Secure browser introduced with the previous version has been integrated into the browser and enabled by default. With the new notification system in place, the browser notifies you if you are a victim of the data breach.

This is how the Hack Check feature works in the Avast Secure browser: whenever you enter credentials on a website, the browser checks them against the Avast database of breached data and immediately alerts you to change your password if it is found exposed.

The Anti-Fingerprinting feature has been updated to protect against

  • audio fingerprint
  • Device fingerprint
  • WebGL digital printing
  • Rendering the fingerprint.

You can download the latest version of the Avast Secure browser at on here.

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