No hello button in Firefox 34?

Mozilla launched Firefox 34 with new search UI, Yahoo search as default in North America and WebRTC feature named Firefox Hello. I didn’t find the hello button in the additional tools and the Resources drawer for drag and drop in the toolbar to use even if you performed a clean install of Firefox 34 – restoring defaults in the Customize window doesn’t help – you’re not the only one, most users don’t have this button.

Reason: Mozilla did not intentionally enable the button for users, they are not confident that their servers are loading when users use this feature, that’s why they set the limitation to 10%.

“Right now (December 1st) the throttle is set to 10%. Your browser has only a one in ten chance of having the Hello button appear. We will increase this number as we become confident that the servers can handle the load’, Adam Roach of Mozilla he said in a bug.

Firefox 34: Disable or Remove Search UI with One Click Search Bar

But with a hack you can get it, here’s how.

How to enable/get hello button in Firefox 34 customization window?

1. Visit about:config

2. Change loop.throttled preference value to ‘false’.

3. Restart the browser, the Hello button now appears when you open Personalization mode, drag and drop to the menu or toolbar and start video calling with your friends.

Note: If you don’t really use this feature, there’s really no meaning to enabling the hack, so just stay as is. Use it when Mozilla makes it available to everyone.

Are you affected? Can you restore the button with the help of this post? Do you actually use Firefox Hello? Let us know in the comments.

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