Notepad++ 7.6 brings new Plugins Admin module to manage plugins

We said that the recently released Notepad 7.5.9 lets you replace Notepad with Notepad++, the app developer released Notepad++ 7.6 with a new Plugin Admin module that allows users to install new plugins and update or remove already installed plugins. If you upgrade from previous Notepad++ version to this, app may no longer show non-default plugins in Plugins menu item, this happens with 32bit version, developer shared a workaround for missing plugins to show up in NPP Interface .

Notepad++ with plugin manager

Plugin Admin shows a list of installed plugins, users can install, update/remove existing plugins.

To open the new plugin manager, launch Notepad++, click Plugins > Plugin Admin.

Plugins not shown problem and fix

As this version of NPP loads the plugins from %LOCALAPPDATA%Notepad++pluginsĀ in the directory, after installing the update, you may notice that some plugins do not load, to fix this, find these plugins in this location %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%Notepad++plugins and move them to %LOCALAPPDATA%Notepad++pluginsĀ the folder.

Restart Notepad++, the plugins will now be available for access in the Plugins menu item.

Download Notepad++ 7.6

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