Notepad7, Notepad for Windows 7 with Ribbon/Office 2010 UI

If you use Notepad quite often, the built-in text editor that comes with Windows 7, and you don’t like its user interface, you can try Notepad 7a freeware a text editor similar to Microsoft Notepad, but brings the look and feel of Office 2010 with ribbon.

Using Notepad7

Download the program’s zip file, extract its contents to a folder and install the program by clicking on the installation file. You need to click the Notepad7 shortcut to open the text editor. The functionality remains the same, except that the ribbon is provided for quick access to commands.

You can do cut, copy, paste operations on selected text, select font, bold/underline selected text, date and time Find Replace, Select all and the File menu can be accessed from the ribbon, that’s the difference . You will feel more comfortable if you are an Office user.

Notepad location7

Using is the same as in Notepad, type the text, save it with .txt extension. You can make it as your default text editor by selecting and right clicking on any text file and selecting Open With and navigate to the Open With window and select Notepad7 in the “Program Files/Notepad” directory .

Notepad7 works on Windows Vista SP2/7.

Download Notepad7

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