O&O AutoBackup automatically syncs selected files and folders to a USB drive

Nowadays, every computer user has a USB drive, wouldn’t you agree? they are so cheap that they can be used not only for transferring files but also as a backup device for your files and folders on your hard drive, O&O released Automatic O&O backup freeware backup and sync program that allows you to backup data from hard drive to USB drive, external hard drive, Firewire drive.

O&O AutoBackup offers data copy options

  • Copies all data in the source data to a directory on the specified destination drive
  • Copies all modified and new source data
  • Performs sync, which means files deleted from source drive are also deleted from destination drive (USB drive).

O&O automatic backup interface

Using O&O AutoBackup

First you need to select the source drive to copy files and folders, then connect your USB drive and select it as the destination drive, click Save button Save settings.

For the first time, you can click Run button to start the data copy process. Every time the window starts this program configured to start automatically with Windows looks for changes in the source drive, according to the option chosen by the user these changes will be reflected in the USB drive. You can request a free license by entering your email address on hereall information necessary to register the program will be sent to your email address.

O& AutoBackup works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download O&O AutoBackup.

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