Open Google Chrome Extensions Gallery and Extensions Pages with a single click in Google Chrome

While this is a simple but productive tip for google chrome users who used to open google chrome extensions gallery and extensions pages often, i decided to write this tip after seeing extensions evolving to open google chrome extensions gallery , which is silly, extensions should provide more features for Google Chrome instead of these simple things.

To open Google Chrome extensions gallery and extensions pages quickly

1. Make sure the bookmarks bar is visible in Google Chrome, in the Wrench menu click “Always show bookmarks bar”, you can hide the bookmarks bar whenever you want using Ctrl+B shortcut.

2.Open the Google Chrome extension gallery in Google Chrome, and now select the URL and drag it to the bookmark bar, do the same for the extensions page.

3. Now you have Google Chrome extension gallery and extension links in bookmark bar with a single click, you can open any page.

Note: If your bookmarks bar is full of bookmarks in Chrome, you can easily drag and rearrange them in Chrome to make the aforementioned links or bookmarks visible and accessible in Google Chrome.

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