opera 11 final version has been released and is available for download. It’s easy to say that Opera 11’s main feature is extension support than Tab Stacking. Opera lags behind Chrome so far due to lack of extension support, Opera is always faster and renders pages quickly like Chrome.

What’s New in Opera 11

1. Opera 11 supports extensions, you can install extensions from Opera extensions catalog page and installed extensions will be updated automatically.

2. Opera 11 Now offers Google search suggestions in the address bar and search bar.

3. Opera 11 offers a new, more secure address field, hiding web protocols. Opera 11 supports visual mouse gestures. Each Opera extension has options and the Opera extension can run in private browsing mode.

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4. Supports new HTML5 standards and technologies means rich and dynamic web applications and multiplayer games can be supported by Opera 11.

6. Plugins can be used on demand.

7. Opera said goodbye to its classic installer, launched its own faster installer that installs Opera 11 in seconds. The Opera 11 installer also has a portable installation option.

8 . Opera introduces tab stacking, which is a simple and efficient tab management feature that allows you to stack tabs by dragging and dropping one on top of the other. Tab stacking is a nice tab management feature when compared to Panorama.

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9. Due to security issues in the design of the WebSockets protocol, Opera disabled WebSockets in Opera 11, as did Mozilla for Firefox 4 as well.

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Download Opera 11

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