Opera 22 enters next stream, brings silent and minor updates and new themes

Opera 22 switched from Developer to Next stream and is now available for download for Windows and Mac. This version brings silent updatemeans that the Opera browser will be updated to the latest version automatically without showing the UAC dialog, which avoids user intervention.

“On Windows, our new silent update allows for a more seamless update to the latest version. There are no buttons to click and no UAC (User Account Control) dialog boxes interrupting your workflow. You will be automatically updated to ensure that always have the latest and most secure version of Opera.”

Updates for Opera will be delivered in small patches rather than full packages, so your bandwidth will be saved.

The Opera desktop team added some new themes to suit Opera’s UI, if you want more you can find and add them at on here.

Note: You will see a UAC prompt for the first two updates from Opera 21 to Opera 22, after that they will no longer appear for you.

Download Opera 22 then.

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