Opera 55 improves the experience of installing Chrome extensions on the Web Store

Finally, Opera Software improves the installation of Chrome extensions in the Opera browser. Opera browser when using Presto has a dedicated add-ons website, which still exists on here, even after the browser started using Chromium. But, if you want to install extensions from the Chrome Web Store repository, first, you need to install an add-on -Install Chrome Extensions- developed by Opera Software, after that you can install any extension (not themes) from the Store.

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Install Chrome Extensions from the Web Store in Opera 55

Opera Software has now improved the experience on Opera 55, which is in beta. when you visit Chrome Web Store Extensions page in the latest beta version of Opera, you will see an info bar at the top: ‘Do you want to install extensions from the Chrome Web Store? By installing Install Chrome Extensions, do you accept our permissions?

When you click ‘Install Extension’, Install Chrome Extensions extension will be installed from Opera addons website, after that, you can install your favorite extensions from Chrome Web Store, more easily.

Behind the scenes, Opera has enabled the ‘chrome-extensions-one-click-install-policy’ flag.

What is your opinion about this improvement? How have you installed Chrome extensions in Opera browser so far? Let us know in the comments.


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