Opera 58 integrates Yandex Zen News into the homepage for Russian users

After adding the window close notice, Opera Software has integrated the Yandex Zen news recommendation service into its browser homepage in the Opera 58 developer update and is enabled by default for Russian users.

Yandex Zen news on the Opera homepage

The personal news on the homepage already shows content relevant to countries in different categories such as Arts, Business, Entertainment, Food, Health, Lifestyle etc. The homepage also asks for your permission to show personalized news to show better stories suited to your needs.

Opera has replaced the previous news display engine with Yandex Zen, which is an intelligent, personal news recommendation service that uses machine learning technology to show news based on user preferences and browsing history. Please note that Yandex Zen news in Opera developer is enabled by default only in Russia for now.

For the uninitiated, Yandex Zen is from the Yandex company in Russia, which created the popular Yandex search engine and Yandex browser. “Zen is a personal news recommendation provided by Yandex. It selects news, blog posts, and other online publications that may be of interest to you. The selection is based on your browsing history and stated preferences”

Yandex Zen news banner

If you don’t want to see what’s new in Zen, you can visit opera://flags/#yandex-zen-news and disable the feature, you must restart your browser to apply the changes.

You can download Opera 58.0.3134.0 developer from on here.

After Netflix’s recommendations, Opera now throws news ads on users’ faces, what’s your take on it?

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