Opera Developer Update Adds DuckDuckGo Search Engine, Removes Bing

As the final Opera 26 has already been released, the Opera developer is still on 27, for the latest, the update brings an interesting change: it removes the Bing search engine and adds DuckDuckGo in your place.

To see this, right click on the address bar and select ‘Edit Search Engines’, you may notice DuckDuckGo in third position from the top, no change in Google – still the default search engine – and Yahoo remains in the second position.

To update : Opera implemented this change in Opera 26.

Opera 18 Developer Update adds search engine creation from search field right-click menu

If you don’t know, Yahoo will be the default search engine in Firefox.

What is your opinion about this change? Do you miss Bing? Let us know in the comments.

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