Opera profile folder location

Sometimes you need to know the location of the browser profile folder on your computer to remove it and create a new profile, fixing many issues your browser is having. Do you know the profile location in Opera? (Not the Presto, but the Chromium/blink based one).

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Opera profile folder location or path

1. A simple way to know the Opera profile path is to type about://about in the address bar and check the Profile line below ways. You can copy and paste it into the Run dialog to get there. It will be like this:

C:Users<username>AppDataRoamingOpera SoftwareOpera Stable

2. Or open the Run dialog and enter the path below

%appdata%opera softwareOpera stable

Note: Opera Stable here is the profile folder. You may need to rename or delete it to troubleshoot the Opera browser.

This one is from Chromium based Opera not from presto

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