Optimize and Compare Samsung Solid State Drive (SSD) Performance

Solid state drives (SSD) offer more performance when compared to traditional hard drives, but SSD lifespan is also shorter, Samsung Magic SSD offers a collection of tools for Samsung SSD that allows you to optimize, compare performance and also update the SSD drive firmware version.

Samsung SSD Magician only works for SSDs connected with SATA controller than for SSDs connected through SCSI controller. This tool offers several tools, System tool is one of them, it displays system information and disk summary such as model name, serial number, firmware, drive capacity.

performance benchmark menu allows user to select disk for benchmarking. The performance benchmarking app calculates the performance of the selected Samsung SSD.

performance optimization The tool allows the user to select the disks on which TRIM Operations are to be performed.

F/W update The menu allows the user to create a bootable USB drive to update connected SSDs. The user will have the option to select the USB disk and the option to browse the folder that contains the latest firmware downloaded from the Samsung website.

Samsung SSD Magician Tool is currently in beta and freeware, works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download Samsung SSD Magician Tool

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