‘Password Monitor’ now available in Microsoft Edge Dev & Canary

The Password Monitor feature in the new Microsoft Edge browser checks passwords saved in the browser against a large database of known breaches in the cloud and alerts you on the password manager page if it finds a compromised password.

Firefox uses the Firefox Monitor service powered by HaveIBeenPwned to alert users when their passwords are breached.

Firefox users can verify their compromised online accounts or receive future breach alerts by entering their email address in monitor.firefox.com page. Firefox also previously showed users notifications when they visited breached websites in the browser.

Google Chrome has a built-in password leak detection feature. Chrome allows users to perform a manual password check on the chrome://settings/passwords page. This requires you to log into your Google account in the Chrome browser.

Now Microsoft Edge has joined with Firefox and Google Chrome, offering the Password Monitor feature. You can now enable the feature in Edge Dev and Canary versions.

Enable Password Monitor in the new Microsoft Edge

1. Launch Microsoft Edge browser

2. Click the ellipsis icon and select Settings

3. Visit Profiles > Passwords and enable “Show alerts when passwords are found in an online leak”

Show alerts when passwords are found in online leak configuration

From now on, whenever Edge finds out that your passwords have been leaked, it will alert you via notification in the Edge menu and edge://settings/passwords page, clicking on the alert message will take you to the Password Monitor page. Passwords (edge://settings/passwords/PasswordMonitor) to take action.

Microsoft Edge Password Monitor page

Edge allows you to access the website and change your password or ignore the warning.

Leaked ignored passwords will be shown at the bottom of the Password Manager page.

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