Pocket is now a system add-on in Firefox 46

Both Pocket and Firefox Hello are system add-ons now. Mozilla did it! He had moved two of Firefox’s rarely used features as built-in add-ons: first Firefox Hello was made as a system add-on, now Pocket. Last Firefox 46 Every night have this change, you will notice this when you see the list of extensions in the troubleshooting information or about:support page.

You will find XPI pocket file at this location along with Hello (as loop): C:Program FilesNightlybrowserfeatures.

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Popular pocket known as Read it later, initially available for Firefox as an add-on, Mozilla has integrated this proprietary service into the Firefox browser with version 38.0.5, which has annoyed some users, I hope this change makes them happy.

pocket xpi file

This change – shipping features as system add-ons – is part of the Mozilla goes faster project for the Firefox browser, β€œThe ultimate goal (of this one) is to reduce the time it takes to deliver value to the user. This focuses on getting features and fixes to the user in a reduced cycle time, but includes reductions in download time for updates and new versions, and reductions in build and release time.”

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