Practical VLC Media Player 4.0 Modern Interface: It’s Awesome

Videolan to replace the classic open source VLC Player interface with a new interface in 2021. The highlight of VLC 4.0 is its modern user interface with a host of other new features and improvements. Here’s what the next major VCL Player release, “Otto Cheek”, is bringing to the table.

VLC Player needs no introduction. An open source media player that can play most multimedia files, streams, discs and devices. The player can also be used to convert video files to other formats.

For example, we covered how to convert a video file to MP 4 using VLC Player.

What changed from VLC 3.0.x to VLC 4.0.0:

Main highlights:

  • new interface
  • media library
  • Mediatree and MediaSource
  • New Playlist
  • Support for selecting dual subtitles (via Player).
  • Supports AV1 video encoding of experimental video.
  • Eliminates support for Windows XP and Vista platforms. Works on Windows 7 or later.

More features coming with VLC player 4.0:

The company revealed at a presentation in 2019 that VLC will support VR, 3D and AirPlay Output.

VLC already supports streaming videos from Youtube, don’t be surprised if the new release integrates more online services into the player.

Comparison between old and new interface:

The previous version of VLC Player displays an icon in the window at the center of the startup with options to browse your device’s folders and select files to play.

Whereas, the new VLC displays the media browser UI. It asks to add a video by going to network shares.

The interface comes with Videos, Music, Browser and Discover tabs.
VLC 4.0 Media Browser UI

To play a video file from the local folder in VLC, click the three dots icon > Media > select Open file or Open from folder.

When you install VLC, it associates with supported video and audio files on your devices and makes it easy to open files in VLC Player from File Explorer or local media folders.

Cons: When you use it in the browser and other apps on Windows, you notice a lot of white space in the UI.

The menu button at the far right of the interface can be difficult to discover and reach for first-time users.
VLC 4.0 menu on the right

Unfortunately, Videolan has yet to announce when VLC 4.0 is coming. Wait or test the new Player UI by downloading a Nightly build of on here. These builds are unstable, not recommended for regular use.

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