ProEject ejects USB drives and cleans their tracks on your PC

Project is a freeware portable tool also does not safely remove removable drives like USB flash drive by closing running programs or open windows on the drive but also cleans the registry and folders left by it if any on your computer the developer recommends that you place and run ProEject on the same removable drive you want to eject.

Download the program zip file, extract its contents to a folder and run the executable program ProEject.exe. The application’s GUI is simple, but it is difficult to identify hard disk drive icons and removable drive icons in the application’s UI, to easily identify removable drives, click Settings > Preferences > select “Show additional information in GUI” and save the preferences.

Now, if you right-click on the USB drive, a menu will appear with other ProEject options, which includes the “More Options” submenu, which offers Clean, Close, and Eject actions. You can also open the contents of the removable drive or check its properties from the context menu.USB drive context menu in ProEject

click in Project to eject the drive, clean clean de More options cleans program traces in the MRU sections of the registry and also deletes entries in the “Run at startup” registry key. You can close all running applications or open windows by clicking near The eject button and option allow you to eject the drive.

You can add ProEject to the Explorer context menu by selecting the configuration in the Extra tab. I recommend that you enable all options in preferences to see more program features. If you are using Unlocker on your PC, select your executable location in the Extra tab and select Delete locked files on startup to remove non-deletable files on USB drive during startup with Unlocker.

ProEject works on Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 and 64 bit).

Download ProEject.

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