Qwiki invite draw [Unlimited ]

Qwiki claims that its service turns information into experience, Qwiki quickly generates a visual presentation on a topic that can be related to a place, celebrity, monument, people. Currently Qwiki is in alpha and covers 2 million terms of reference, you can type in any indexed term and Qwiki will generate an “information experience” describing it. Cutting to the chase, I have my opinion on Qwiki, read the Qwiki review at the link below. Qwiki sent us an email today letting us know that I can invite any number of friends for immediate access.

Read Qwiki generates visual presentation of information for a topic

If you want to receive the Qwiki invite

1. Follow me on twitter @techvenkat .

2. Let me know that you followed me on twitter via a comment here and also why you want to access Qwiki.

If the above things are done, we will send you a Qwiki invite.

If you are already following me on twitter, just send me your email address.

To update: Please mention your twitter username in the comments.

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