Remove File Shredder and Context Menu Option ‘Scrap using AVG’

With AVG 2014, AVG Technologies has made the file shredder feature, a part of the free AVG antivirus. This feature allows users to securely/permanently delete files and folders, which means files deleted in this way cannot be recovered by advanced recovery tools. Although AVG 2016 offered an option in Settings to disable AVG Shredder from the Windows context menu, this is no longer the case in AVG 2018which was released after the acquisition of Avast and FYI, AVG now uses the Avast engine, user interface and other technologies.

If you don’t find much use with File Shredder in AVG and you want to remove it, which also eliminates ‘Destroy using AVG‘ from the Context Menu, you can see how this can be done.

Before doing this, if you don’t know how to destroy files or folders if using AVG, here’s how.

Using File Shredder in AVG

Make sure you are using the latest AVG Free Antivirus 2018 on your computer

  1. Right click on a file or folder and select ‘Shred using AVG’
  2. Click ‘Destroy’

To destroy files in the Recycle Bin,

  1. Right click on the Recycle Bin and select ‘Destroy Recycle Bin using AVG’

Now let’s remove the File Shredder feature from AVG, which also removes the context menu options ‘Shred using AVG’ and Shred Recycle Bin using AVG’.

Remove AVG File Shredder and ‘Scrap using AVG’ option from context menu in Windows

1. Open Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features

2. Select AVG Antivirus Free

3. Click on Change, when the AVG Free Configuration dialog appears click on ‘Change’

4. Uncheck or uncheck ‘File Shredder’ and click Change

uncheck file destruction option in AVG configuration

5. AVG makes the requested changes and asks to restart the computer to apply the changes, please do so.

To re-enable File Shredder and its options in the right click menu, you need to revert the change in step 4 above.

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