Send Findbar back to background [Updated]

Send the Find bar in Firefox back to where it was before Firefox 26, i.e. at the bottom. Do you know this change? very similar to Chrome, from Firefox 26 in wards location bar will appear at the top below the address bar. And on the other hand, one annoying thing that has been fixed in this release is that the Find toolbar is no longer shared between tabs, which means that it only appears on the page where you want it to be visible to find content and does not appear when you switch between tabs.

To update: It’s Firefox 26 that shows the Find bar at the top, not Firefox 25.

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Move Findbar in Firefox 26 to the bottom of the browser

You may be happy with the latest change, but since time immemorial we’ve always used Findbar in bottom in Firefox, which might not be a welcome change for you from Mozilla. Unhappy? don’t worry! there is an extension, Location bar adjustment which moves the Findbar position back down in Firefox 26, which is currently in the Aurora channel.

1. Visit Findbar Tweak Extension page and install the extension.

2. To make this change, you needed to be using Firefox 26 or higher.

3. Once installed, open Findbar Tweak Options and select Appearance tab and select “Move to bottom of browser” underneath Location bar position and click OK to apply the changes to the browser.

Findbar Tweak options Findbar position

4. Now press Ctrl+F on any page, Findbar appears at the bottom of the browser.

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